Priority access

Get a headstart on orders in your area! As a verified fetcher, you’ll be the first to be notified whenever a new order comes in. That means you get first pick on the best orders.

Higher earnings

With priority access, you never have to worry about a shortage of orders. What’s more, as the first to receive and select orders, you enjoy the privilege of choosing and accepting the highest rates.

Better ratings

Verified fetchers are identified by a badge next to their names so buyers can easily identify them. This also marks you as a trusted fetcher so buyers are more likely to leave a higher rating.

Greater referral rewards

Receive $50 for every fetcher you refer to us! All you have to do is share your unique URL, get your friends to sign up and ensure that they complete 20 orders. It’s that simple!

Ad-free experience

Say goodbye to pesky ads and enjoy a 'clean' list of orders for an enhanced fetcher experience. No more banner ads. Just order after order.

Earn more when you invite your
friends and family to fetch for Fetch Me!


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