Buyer rewards

Enjoy a delivery on us when you invite your friends and family to buy with Fetch Me!

Once your invitee signs up as a new buyer and completes 5 purchases with us, you get your next order delivered absolutely free. The more friends you invite to buy with Fetch Me, the more free deliveries you enjoy!

Fetcher rewards

Earn more when you invite your friends and family to fetch for Fetch Me!

Once your invitee signs up as a new fetcher and completes 20 orders with us, you get $30 in cold, hard cash. And if you’re a verified fetcher, you’ll receive $50! So hurry, the more friends you invite to fetch for Fetch Me, the more you earn!

Invite your friends to Fetch Me in just 2 simple steps!

Tap on Invite a Friend

Launch the Fetch Me app and tap on the Invite a Friend button.

Share your unique Fetch Me code

Share your code as a URL via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or any other sharing-enabled app.

Help your invitee to get started with these 2 simple steps!

Click on the URL

Once your invitee clicks on the URL, they will be redirected to a signup page.

Download Fetch Me

Download Fetch Me from the App store or Google Play store and log in with their signup details.

Referral tips

Tip #1: Start with your friends and family
  • Share your experience with Fetch Me.
  • Send them your URL.
  • Help them to download Fetch Me and log in.
Tip #2: Share your code on social media
  • Post your URL on every social media platform you’re using - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!
  • Do a shoutout on the benefits of buying or fetching with Fetch Me and include your URL at the bottom of your post.
Tip #3: Speak to anyone and everyone
  • The more people you speak to about Fetch Me, the higher the chances of finding someone you can invite.

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