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Ah, the wonders of technology. If someone had told our forefathers that they could one day speak to a person on the other side of the world with just the tap of a button, they’d probably have been burned at the stake. But today, we at Fetch Me are more than thankful for this nifty invention. That’s because it gives us a way to let you speak to other buyers and fetchers through the Fetch Me app.

That said, we know what you’re thinking. You’re worrying about stalkers, unsolicited pics or even harassment. Well, you really have nothing much to worry about. For starters, this is Singapore, one of the safest countries in the world. One wrong message and that’s it. Kaput. And rather than looking at the negative side of things, let’s focus on the positive. Here’s why the in-app call and messaging function is so awesome.

  1. You’ll never screw up a delivery
    Okay, maybe saying never is overpromising and overcompensating. But it’s really hard to screw up an order when you can call your buyer to check and double confirm every item on the list. Plus, if push does come to shove, the proof’s in all those messages.
  2. You can revise your order
    Say you ordered full-cream fresh milk and suddenly remembered that you’re on a diet. Now what, you can’t afford those extra calories. Don’t worry. Just open up your app and call or message your fetcher to get you some low-fat milk instead. Fats begone!
  3. You won’t get lost (for long)
    It’s kinda hard to get lost nowadays with GPS, Google Maps and Waze. But if you really can’t find your buyer’s location and your time’s running out, thank God there’s a way for you to reach them and ask. Your buyer might think you’re suaku but, hey, at least you don’t have to incur the late penalty fee, right?
  4. You can spot check your order
    Your order has been accepted by a fetcher and it’s all good. Then you realise, aiya, you forgot to specify what kind of eggs you want. What if the fetcher buys the expensive Omega-3 eggs. No problem. Just contact your fetcher with the in-app call/messaging function. Problem solved.

So there you have it – our awesome in-app call/messaging function. Remember, use it but don’t abuse it.

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