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It’s official. Fetch Me has launched in Singapore! And if you haven’t already heard, we’re set to disrupt the delivery scene as you know it. Gone are the days of expensive delivery rates, long delivery times and fixed delivery locations. Fetch Me was designed to place you, the consumer, at the heart of everything we do. And boy, have we delivered.

But we’re not going to wax lyrical about how Fetch Me is going to change your life as you know it. Instead, we’d like to share the story of how we started. So here goes.

It all began on a cold and rainy night. Our founders C and S were deep in discussion when they made a horrible discovery. They were out of brain fuel – cigarettes and food. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem. After all, either of them could have taken a short walk to the nearest 7-11 and gotten the supplies they needed. But just as S was about to volunteer, a massive bolt of lightning streaked across the sky and thunder filled the air. The rain that was already heavy to begin with started to pour down with a vengeance. S began muttering under his breath. There was no way he was going out in this weather. And neither was C by the looks of it. The two men looked at each other in despair. Now what?

As S sat there furiously thinking and cursing their luck, an idea came to him. What if there was an app that could get you anything you wanted, at any time and from anywhere! It would be awesome. And it would work too. After all, people were always searching for ways and things that would save them time, money and energy. Excited, he turned to C and started talking. The more he spoke, the clearer it became that the idea was going to be a success.

And as the first light of dawn touched the sky, C and S grinned widely at each other. It was really happening – Fetch Me was going to become a reality. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

If you haven’t tried Fetch Me yet, download the app and enjoy the convenience of getting anything, anytime, anywhere!

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