Accepting an order
Review each order

We know that you can’t wait to start fetching orders and earning money. But before you accept an order, be sure that you can fulfill it according to the buyer’s deadline and specifications. Failure to meet the timeline will result in a late penalty while any cancellation of orders after 5 minutes of acceptance will affect your rating.

Plan ahead

Once you’ve decided on an order, the next step is getting your items in the most efficient way. And that means planning ahead. Things to consider include your mode of transportation, the money you’ll need for any purchases and how and what you’re going to use to carry all the items.

Fetching an order
Check for buyer notes

Some buyers might want items from a specific brand or location and they’ll indicate this in the notes section of their order. To ensure that you get the correct items every time, always make it a point to check for buyer notes.

Reach your buyer

Getting in touch with your buyer is easy with the message/call buttons within the app. Simply select your preferred mode of communication to ask your buyer any questions about their order.

Collect proof of purchase

To prevent any disputes during payment, we strongly encourage that you get proof of purchase/receipts for all purchases. This will also help you to keep track of how much you’ve spent for each order.

Delivering an order
Deliver your order

With the in-app map, you never have to worry about getting lost. The real-time function means you get turn-by-turn directions so you’ll always know where you are at any point in time and exactly how long you’ll take to reach your buyer’s location.

Provide anonymous feedback

Once you’ve delivered your order and received payment, you can rate your buyer and provide anonymous feedback about your experience. We welcome your feedback as it’s important for us to continually improve Fetch Me.

Receive support when you need it

Our Fetch Me customer support is always ready to respond to any queries or problems you may have.

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