Everything you need to know about Fetch Me from A–Z

A – App
Fetch Me is a free app that connects buyers with fetchers.

B – Buyer
If you want something, log in as a buyer to start creating an order.

C – Cash on delivery
All payments are cash on delivery so no worries if you don’t have a credit card.

D – Deadline
Don’t miss a deadline when you’re fetching an order or you’ll incur a late penalty fee.

E – Earn
Earn cash with every order you fetch. The more you fetch, the more you earn.

F – Fetcher
If you’ll get something, log in as a fetcher to start fetching your first order.

G – Getting anything, anytime, anywhere
Whether it’s an extra bottle of wine for a house party, nasi lemak from Boon Lay or your Carousell order by 6 pm, our fetchers will get you anything, anytime, anywhere.

H – Higher earnings
Enjoy higher earnings when you sign up as a Verified Fetcher for just $10/month.

I – In-app calls/messaging
Easily get in touch with other buyers or fetchers with the in-app call/messaging function.

J – Journey
Always plan your journey before you start fetching an order.

K – Keywords
Use common keywords when listing your items so your fetcher knows exactly what you want.

L – Live Tracking
With live tracking, you’ll be able to see your fetcher’s location from pickup to delivery and track their arrival on the map.

M – Mode of transport
Walk, ride or drive. Whatever mode of transport you use to fetch your order, it’s up to you.

N – Notes
Be as specific as you can about your items by leaving detailed notes for your fetcher.

O – Opinion
Your opinion matters. That’s why we’ve created rating systems for both buyers and fetchers.

P – Price
With no fixed fees, it’ll always be a price you’ll love.

Q – Questions
Get all the answers to your questions by using the in-app call/messaging function to reach your buyer or fetcher.

R – Receipt
Fetchers are strongly encouraged to get receipts/proof of purchase for the items you purchase to prevent any disputes during payment.

S – Support
Our Fetch Me customer support is always ready to respond to any queries or problems you may have.

T – Track your earnings
Completed trips are automatically logged and saved on the app so tracking your earnings is easier than ever.

U – Unlimited
With no cap on the number of orders, buyers can make and fetchers can accept, fetchers can look forward to unlimited earnings.

V – Verified Fetcher
Boost your earnings and enjoy priority access to orders when you sign up as a Verified Fetcher.

W – Work-life balance
Make money while doing what you love and enjoy greater work-life balance as a fetcher with Fetch Me.

X – (E)xperience
With Fetch Me, you’ll experience a brand-new way of getting your day-to-day errands sorted.

Y – You
Fetch Me is designed with you in mind to give you the easiest and smartest way to get everything you need.

Z – Zone
With all our orders dispatched to the nearest fetchers within a specific zone or area, you can earn anytime, anywhere.

If you haven’t used Fetch Me, download the app and try it today!

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