Celebrate Christmas with Fetch Me

Fetching you joy,

anytime, anywhere.

At Fetch Me, we love Christmas! And it’s not just because of the Orchard Road light-up, the mega sales by our favourite retailers or the much-needed public holiday to nurse that post-celebration hangover. What really gets us going is the warm, fuzzy feeling that always comes with the season of giving (yeah, we’re real softies at heart). And unless you’re a real scrooge, we’re sure you feel the same way.

That said, the holiday season also brings its own set of issues. Think crowded malls, long queues and a whole lotta last-minute shopping. If that’s not enough to make you lose that happy feeling inside, there’s also that little problem of online retailers not being able to deliver your items in time due to the overwhelming number of orders. And God forbid you have to pick it up yourself when you already have your hands full (pun intended) with Christmas errands. But hark! There’s always Fetch Me! Just think of us as Santa’s little helpers working hard to help you retain your Yuletide cheer.

  1. For the last-minute Carousell pickups
    In all the hustle and bustle of the festive season, you forgot to get your niece’s plus-one a gift! Thank God you managed to find it on Carousell. Problem is, the seller can only meet you at 7 pm. But you’ll already be at a party on the other side of the island. How? Use Fetch Me! Our fetchers will pick up and deliver your gift anytime and anywhere you are.
  2. For that one item you forgot
    You’re all set to cook your famous melt-off-the-bone roast turkey for that long-awaited Christmas party with your fiancé’s family. You’ve got the turkey, butter, carrots, potatoes, le… You forgot the lemons! And you don’t have time to get them. But with no lemons, there is no turkey. How? Get a fetcher! When life gives you lemons, use it to cook a turkey.
  1. For the post-party munchies
    The food and booze are gone and you and your friends are draped all over the living room on the sofas and carpet like leftover confetti. You’re almost dozing off when you hear a soft growl. Startled, you look around. Nothing. But you hear it again! And you realise it’s coming from your stomach. Suddenly, you’re ravenous. But there’s no more food left and you’re feeling too lazy to go out. How? Fetch Me to the rescue!

We’ll get you anything, anytime, anywhere this Christmas! HO HO HO!



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