The Ultimate Guide to Fetch Me

Love the idea of being able to get anything, anytime, anywhere? You’re not alone. That’s why we created Fetch Me, an app that gets you, well, whatever, whenever, wherever. Think of it as a personal concierge service that helps you complete all your errands at a price you love. Whether it’s picking up your Carousell […]

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Celebrate Christmas with Fetch Me

Fetching you joy, anytime, anywhere. At Fetch Me, we love Christmas! And it’s not just because of the Orchard Road light-up, the mega sales by our favourite retailers or the much-needed public holiday to nurse that post-celebration hangover. What really gets us going is the warm, fuzzy feeling that always comes with the season of […]

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Hello Singapore!

It’s official. Fetch Me has launched in Singapore! And if you haven’t already heard, we’re set to disrupt the delivery scene as you know it. Gone are the days of expensive delivery rates, long delivery times and fixed delivery locations. Fetch Me was designed to place you, the consumer, at the heart of everything we […]

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