Set a realistic deadline

We understand that you can’t wait to get your hands on your order. However, it does take our fetchers some time to get your items. That’s why it’s important that you give them ample time to locate, pick up and deliver your order. The longer the deadline, the higher the chances of your order being accepted.

Make an irresistible offer

While you get to decide how much you’re willing to pay your fetcher, we strongly encourage that you set prices that are reasonable and sufficient to at least cover the cost of their transportation. After all, they are helping you to save the time, money and effort of getting the items yourself.

Be as specific as possible

Nothing is quite as annoying as getting the wrong order. To ensure that never happens, be as specific as you can when ordering your items. If you want something from a certain store or are looking for a specific brand, put it down in the notes section so your fetcher knows exactly what you want.

Review your order

Once you’ve listed down your items, do a final check to ensure that your order is correct before clicking confirm. Any cancellations after 5 minutes of your order being accepted by a fetcher will affect your rating.

Fetching your order
Stay contactable

There may be occasions where your fetcher might need to contact you for clarifications on your order. That’s why it’s important that you keep your phone in hand and be alert to any app notifications.

Track your order

Keeping track of your order is easy with the in-app map. The real-time function means you’ll always know where your fetcher is at any point in time and exactly how long your order will take to reach you.

Reach your fetcher

We’ve made it easy and safe for you to get in touch with your fetcher using the message/call buttons within the app. Simply select your preferred mode of communication and get connected immediately.

Receiving your order
Ask for proof of purchase

To ensure that you’re not overpaying for your items, we strongly encourage that you ask your fetcher for proof of purchase/receipts when they deliver your order. That way, there won’t be any conflict or doubt as to the cost of your items.

Provide anonymous feedback

Once you have confirmed receipt of your order, you can rate your fetcher and provide anonymous feedback about your experience. We welcome your feedback as it’s important for us to continually improve Fetch Me.

Receive support when you need it

Our Fetch Me customer support is always ready to respond to any queries or problems you may have.

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